How do reptiles reproduce?

Answer Reptiles primarily reproduce by laying eggs, which classifies them as oviparous. However, some species of snakes and lizards actually give birth to their young, which classifies them as viviparous,... Read More »

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Do reptiles reproduce sexually or asexually?

Most reptiles reproduce sexually, similar to other vertebrates. Six families of lizard and one family of snakes, however, are capable of asexual reproduction. Depending on the species, reptiles eit... Read More »

Do krill reproduce?

Krill reproduce sexually and will only reproduce when food sources are abundant. Like other organisms, male krill create sperm and then transfer the sperm to the female krill's reproductive organs ... Read More »

How do carnations reproduce?

The word carnation is a combination of the base Greek words for god and flower. A perennial flower native to the European continent, the carnation has become a popular flower for arrangements, bout... Read More »

How do minnows reproduce?

Minnows reproduce, or spawn, in the spring and summer months. The term minnow is the general name given to small fresh and saltwater fishes that are commonly used by fisherman as bait. Although the... Read More »