How do reply to an email on an iPod touch?

Answer by login to your email and write back. on that the iPod is just like any computer

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How to sign out of email on ipod touch?

It's an email client (which means it downloads the email)'re not supposed to sign out (kinda like the email clients on the computers [Outlook, Entourage, Mail, etc.])...Next best thing is to ... Read More »

How to Configure Email for an iPod Touch?

Configure one or more email accounts in your iPod touch to get your email anywhere you have Wi-Fi access. To start, you'll need your email passwords and the incoming and outgoing mail servers given... Read More »

How to Set Up Outgoing Email on the iPod Touch 3G?

The iPod Touch can do much more than a simple audio player. With its app-based interface, it can also act as a personal assistant, doing everything from keeping track of your schedule to sending yo... Read More »

Do you need wifi to use email on an ipod touch?