How do ranunculus flowers grow?

Answer Ranunculus, or buttercups, grow from rhizomes or tuberous bulbs. This frost-hardy perennial plant consists of a large root system and blooms saucer-shaped flowers of red, orange, white, pink and ye... Read More »

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How do I grow ranunculus from seeds?

Chose Your SitePick a planting site for your ranunculus that has well-draining soil and gets eight hours of sunlight daily. Till compost into the soil to improve its drainage. Add a handful of comp... Read More »

How many flowers can grow at once?

Other than tomatoes what can you grow with the hydroponic method can you grow hydroponic flowers also?

You can grow heaps of plants, i grow plants using hydroponics and i grow tomatoes, strawberries,chillis. Yes you can grow flowers using hydroponics, you can plant them when they are seeds or seedli... Read More »

What are 25 types of flowers where do they grow and what are they used for?

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