How do raccoon baffles work?

Answer Raccoons, when sufficiently hungry, can climb thin, ungreased metal poles and reach into wooden bird boxes designed for swallows, bluebirds and other small species. Smooth or slippery baffles, or p... Read More »

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How do motorcycle baffles work?

The term "baffle" means to puzzle, defy or thwart. In terms of sound, a motorcycle baffle beats the loud noise made by the expulsion of explosive exhaust gases. Baffles are sound-reducing devices.L... Read More »

It baffles me. how do they do it?

The modern method is to use a helicopter but often the cables are too heavy for a helicopter to lift so it is done in stages.The first stage involves laying what's known as a construction cable bet... Read More »

Do aFe mufflers have baffles?

According to Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc. (aFe), all of their mufflers for both diesel and gasoline engines use perforated tube technology, not baffles. Perforated tube mufflers consist of an ou... Read More »

What Are Baffles & Why Are They Important?

A crucial part of any motorcycle is the exhaust system. Exhausts are comprised of header pipes that are attached to the exhaust manifold, which is attached to the engine head. The header pipes dire... Read More »