How do pumpkins pollinate?

Answer Insects take the pollen from the male flower to the female flower.

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Can uncut pumpkins grow other pumpkins inside them?

Do smaller pumpkins have more seeds than bigger pumpkins?

Bigger pumpkins have up to 50 seeds while a small pumpkin has up to about 25 seeds.

What does"pollinate"mean?

Pollen grains released by plants contain cells called gametophytes, male cells that can produce sperm to fertilize an ovule or female sex cell. Transferring pollen to the part of the plant that con... Read More »

How to Pollinate Flowers?

Flower pollination is the transmitting of pollen from a male plant to a female plant. Some flowers contain male and female parts, and pollination can occur by transferring pollen from the male orga... Read More »