How do pulley systems work?

Answer A pulley is classified as a simple machine. It makes lifting a load easier by redirecting and thereby increasing the force applied to the load. It operates based on the formula work = force X dista... Read More »

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How to Calculate Pulley Systems?

A pulley is a mounted rotating wheel that has a curved convex rim with a rope, belt or chain that can move along the wheel's rim to change the direction of a pulling force. A pulley modifies or red... Read More »

GPS Systems That Work in Europe?

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have revolutionized the way that people get directions. Ranging from hand-held devices to those mounted on automobiles or bikes, they tell travelers exactly where t... Read More »

How Do Hydraulics Systems Work?

The LR3 is a North American version of the Land Rover Discovery III, the third generation of the LR model. The LR series is the most popular and affordable SUV in the Land Rover line-up. In 2005 th... Read More »

How do hf&vhf radio systems work?

Radio systems send and receive information through electromagnetic waves--with both electric and magnetic properties--that travel through the atmosphere. These waves can be measured by their size f... Read More »