How do pulley systems work?

Answer A pulley is classified as a simple machine. It makes lifting a load easier by redirecting and thereby increasing the force applied to the load. It operates based on the formula work = force X dista... Read More »

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How to Calculate Pulley Systems?

A pulley is a mounted rotating wheel that has a curved convex rim with a rope, belt or chain that can move along the wheel's rim to change the direction of a pulling force. A pulley modifies or red... Read More »

How do hf&vhf radio systems work?

Radio systems send and receive information through electromagnetic waves--with both electric and magnetic properties--that travel through the atmosphere. These waves can be measured by their size f... Read More »

How do sprinkler systems work?

Sprinkler systems distribute water in a systematic, controlled fashion over a wide area. Automatic timers prove useful for landscaping, while sensors can activate ceiling-mounted systems to fight f... Read More »

Do alarm systems work?

On One Hand: Security for Your Home and FamilyA Rutgers University study shows that having an alarm system reduces burglaries for a home and the community. Beyond deterrence, security systems alert... Read More »