How do primary&general elections work?

Answer Primary elections are held by political parties to select which candidates will be chosen to run in the general election. General elections are widely held and any eligible voter may participate.Ty... Read More »

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How well do primary elections work?

On One Hand: Primaries enhance democracy.Primary elections jump-start the democratic process and allow a member who excites a large portion of the voters to rise to the top, according to the Electo... Read More »

What does GOP stand for in elections?

The acronym "GOP" is used to refer to the Republican party, and it stands for "Grand Old Party." At the time the term was first used in 1875, it stood for "Gallant Old Party."Source:CBS News: What ... Read More »

How often are elections held in the US?

U.S. elections vary depending on the type. The presidential election is every four years, Senate elections are every six years and House of Representatives elections are every two years. Elections ... Read More »

When did the primary elections start?

The very first primary election was held in Minnesota in 1899. It was for a statewide election. In 1901 the first presidential primary election took place in Florida. Not all states in the United S... Read More »