How do prepaid phones work?

Answer Cell phones can be activated to generate monthly bills, or they can be activated on prepaid plans. Prepaid cell phones require that users first purchase units of usage before putting their phones i... Read More »

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Does any one know how prepaid cell phones work?

prepaid works on the same technology as post paid, the only difference is ur usage is restricted to ur payments prior to its use.u will be allowed to use till u have balance in ur sim card.

I have a question about prepaid phones from AT&T?

AT&T doesn't officially offer the iPhone on prepay, so yeah, the only way you could do this would be to buy an unlocked iPhone (new from Apple or maybe get a used one) and then use an AT&T prepay S... Read More »

Can prepaid phones be tracked or traced?

Prepaid phones generally cannot be traced or tracked. Part of the convenience of a prepaid phone is that it can be used right out of the box without a cell phone contract. Currently, lawmakers are... Read More »

Who has the best prepaid plan for smart phones?

Boost Mobile(If you choose this then say that you want the CDMA network, the network that runs on Sprint's network)Virgin Mobile(Also is on Sprint's network, there is no need to ask for CDMA here)C... Read More »