How do ppl make these pics?

Answer If you want to make these photos for yourself on the computer for display picture or prints etc you can use a photo editting software called GIMP.GIMP is free and easy to use, it can be downloaded ... Read More »

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How do i edit pics such as my pics and funny pics going around facebook these days?

Well Different People Probably Use Different Programs a Popular Photo Editing Program is Photoshop

My daughter deleted all the pics from her Sony Cyber-Shot 7.2. Does anyone know how to recover the pics?

im sorry i dont think she can! you can try taking it back to where you got it, maybe they have some miracle technology that can recover them.good luck!

Can you set facebook profile pics as your contacts pics on iphone 4?

Do I look better with or without make up (pics) ?

girrl you're pretty !psh, ''I know I'm not all that pretty, but just curious.'' uh huh haha.Since you switch up your hairstyle (wavy/curly and straight)When you curl/scrunch your hair .. to me it l... Read More »