How do police track cell phones?

Answer As cell phones become more popular, more criminal offenders are using them to contact accomplices, accessories or dealers. For this reason, police have developed methods to track an offenders' loca... Read More »

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Can the police track cell phones in california?

On One Hand: New Technology Says YesTechnology is available that can trace a cell phone to within yards of its exact location. Every few minutes, your phone sends a signal to the telephone towers i... Read More »

Can you track cell phones?

You can track a cell phone if it has GPS and the GPS feature is enabled. Cell phone tracking is a popular feature among parents trying to keep track of their children. You cannot track another pers... Read More »

Can you track pay-as-you-go cell phones?

Any cell phone used with a company, even a pay-as-you-go phone, can be tracked to the cell phone towers they have used. Cell companies keep records of all phones, including pay-as-you-go-phones. Us... Read More »

Can 911 track cell phones?

911 can track cell phones, according to CNet. Mobile providers that use CDMA on their network can use GPS to track cell phone calls. Even carriers that do not use CDMA can triangulate a person's po... Read More »