How do plants transport water from their roots to their leaves?

Answer The plants have internal tubes called xylem that facilitate this process. Inside the xylem, there is water. This water stretches directly from the roots to the leaves. When the water molecules are ... Read More »

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Do all land plants get their water from their roots?

All land plants take part in a process called osmosis, in which the roots of the plant suck water from the soil and push the water up through the stem, to the foliage.References:Mad Sci Network: Bo... Read More »

Do plants lose water through their leaves?

Plants have small cell openings called stomates on the surface of their leaves that release water into the atmosphere. As the water evaporates out of the leaf, it draws more water up from the roots... Read More »

In order to keep your house plants healthy why should you periodically remove dust from their leaves?

because it lowers there ability to breath and absorb sun. normally in nature the wind would dust them

House Plants That Grow Baby Plants on Their Leaves?

Vegetative apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that enables certain plant species to reproduce without fertilization. Several varieties of the Bryophyllum genus reproduce in this manner; the... Read More »