How do plants that have no flowers reproduce?

Answer Non flower producing plants like ferns, reproduce via spores. Certain flowering plants can also reproduce asexually using; bulbs, stolons, runners or plantlets.

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What Flowers Help Plants Reproduce?

All flowers help plants reproduce. As pretty as they are, flowers don't grow for people, they grow so a plant can propagate. The beauty and sweet fragrances of flowers are there to attract pollinat... Read More »

Can you name 5 plants that have no flowers?

What plants that have yellow flowers?

Daffodils, dandelions, buttercups, tulips, lilies; in fact many flowers. I have often wondered why so many yellow flowered plants blossom at the same time, and the same with other colours.

Plants That Reproduce From Suckers?

Vegetative reproduction is a term used to describe the process by which some plants reproduce. While these plants typically also produce seeds, they can also grow new plants from cuttings, rhizomes... Read More »