How do plants that have no flowers reproduce?

Answer Non flower producing plants like ferns, reproduce via spores. Certain flowering plants can also reproduce asexually using; bulbs, stolons, runners or plantlets.

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What Flowers Help Plants Reproduce?

All flowers help plants reproduce. As pretty as they are, flowers don't grow for people, they grow so a plant can propagate. The beauty and sweet fragrances of flowers are there to attract pollinat... Read More »

Plants That Reproduce From Suckers?

Vegetative reproduction is a term used to describe the process by which some plants reproduce. While these plants typically also produce seeds, they can also grow new plants from cuttings, rhizomes... Read More »

Plants That Reproduce Through Seeds?

Plants have different ways of multiplying. Some have rhizomes, or horizontal stems that grow underground and from which roots and new shoots sprout. Other vegetation, including ferns, makes young p... Read More »

How can some plants reproduce without seeds?

Of the 1.4 million known species on the earth, more than 250,000 of them are classified in the plant kingdom. Most of the plants in the plant kingdom are angiosperms, plants that produce flowers an... Read More »