How do plants reproduce using sexual reproduction?

Answer Different plants reproduce in different ways. Some plants reproduce asexually, others do use a type of sexual reproduction. Flowering plants in particular reproduce both sexually and asexually. Rep... Read More »

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How Are Asexual & Sexual Reproduction Different?

The word "sex" elicits feelings and visions of people, acts of passion and lust. Sex is not without purpose. In humans, the function is to mix genes with a partner and propagate. Asexual reproducti... Read More »

Why is meiosis important for sexual reproduction?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that occurs in the very early stages of fertilization and pregnancy. Without proper meiosis, the fertilized egg could not proceed through the beginning stages of ... Read More »

Are mushrooms the result of sexual or asexual reproduction?

Generally speaking, fungi (mushrooms included) have either a sexual phase or an asexual phase of reproduction and many will have both phases. An important means of reproduction for fungi is via spo... Read More »

How much DNA does each parent give to its offspring in sexual reproduction?

In sexual reproduction each parent donates 50 percent of his or her DNA to the offspring. During the lifetime of a sexually reproducing organism some of the somatic cells go through the process of ... Read More »