How do plants help us?

Answer they are able to convert cabon dioxide into oxygen which we breathe and they can SOMETIMES be a good source of food, but do go eating any poison ivy.Also some keep unwanted bugs away.

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Do minerals help plants grow?

yes indeed, there is manyminerals around your life.....even what your standing on.when minerals like fertilier comes and gets put on the plants.

Will detegent help plants?

In a 13 litre watering can I put 1 drop of fairy liquid detergent. This affects the water molecules (in some way /how?) and allows the water to penetrate dry soil more effectively than just running... Read More »

How does Miracle-Gro help plants?

Miracle Gro contains both macro and micro nutrients that plants need to stay healthy, develop roots and grow strong. Here is the list of nutrients in the Miracle Gro All Purpose plant food:Macro: N... Read More »

10 Ways to Help Indoor Plants Grow?

House plants require proper care to thrive in the home, since indoor conditions rarely match a plant's optimum growing needs. Every plant has different needs, including light, soil and nutrients. A... Read More »