How do plants absorb phosphate?

Answer From the soil or from water.

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When plants such as watermelon absorb water do they also absorb bacteria or other contaminates?

No. If a plant is growing in contaminated soil or is watered with contaminated water, the contaminants can persist on the flesh of the fruit, so its important to wash it thoroughly and peel it befo... Read More »

Why do plants need phosphate?

Phosphate is required to encourage healthy root growth so a small amount is always required. The garden plant needs a good potting soil for the plant to grow. The most important of them is super p... Read More »

How Do Plants Absorb Water & Nutrients?

Most modern plants have complex systems that produce energy from photosynthesis in the leaves and water or nutrient absorption from roots buried in the soil. The two processes complement each other... Read More »

Do vegetable plants absorb petrochemicals?

Many non-organic vegetable growers treat their plants with petrochemicals, which leach through the membrane skin of the vegetable. When consumers eat these vegetables, the petrochemicals enter the ... Read More »