Are navy planes military planes?

Answer Yes but these military planes are flown by navy pilots or military pilots.

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Do i need a visa to work n stay in switzerland if i have indefinite stay permit in Italy?

Yes, you do! Your permanent residence permit for Italy only allows you to visit Switzerland for up to 90 days within a six months period. It does not authorize you to live and work in Switzerland.h... Read More »

Needed aplace to stay when a friend offered us to stay at her apt she was living at her parents house we all and the landlord agreedcan can she?

AnswerNo, I believe in most States that if she willing allowed you to move in her dwelling that she has to give you an eviction notice and thirty days to find somewhere to go.See a Lawer or I belie... Read More »

Does the CIA have planes?

Having planes is an outstanding idea

What planes were used in ww1?

'Sopwith camels' and 'sopwith snipes' were commonly used. They were just simple biplanes that dropped bombs on enemy trenches. Look up images on a search engine for what the planes looked like. An... Read More »