How do pistachios grow?

Answer Pistachio nuts grow on trees in warm, dry climates. They need to be harvested, hulled and prepared before they are shipped for commercial consumption around the world. They are one of the most pop... Read More »

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How to Make a Dates and Pistachios Rollada (Rolled Dates With Pistachios)?

A delicious Moroccan desert to serve with fresh mint tea, keep in the fridge and cut slices to serve on a plate when you have guests, yummy...

How to Eat Pistachios?

Have you ever seen pistachios in a store and thought, "I love pistachios, but they're so hard to open"? This will fix your hesitation.

Are pistachios red?

Though pistachios normally bear a green or light brown nut with a beige-colored shell, nut manufacturers used to dye pistachios red to cover spots and blemishes obtained during the harvesting proce... Read More »

How are pistachios processed?

Pistachios are processed in numerous stages, requiring multiple stops from plant to package. Different stages along the way include sorting, roasting, peeling and drying.Pistachio Harvesting.The f... Read More »