How do piano keyboards work?

Answer The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments and also one of the most complex. While the keyboard is perhaps the most visible aspect of the piano, it is only one of a series of devices ... Read More »

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My keyboard won't work on my desktop, even other keyboards won't work at all, what's the deal?

Two things.1) The USB socket could be broken - use a different socket.2) Has to start from a cold boot. Fully shut down to recognize a keyboard at start-up. Many desktops are not "hot pluggable" fo... Read More »

How well do wireless keyboards work?

I`ve been using them for years. Logitech make great wireless gear and have been doing so for years.The only thing I have ever had problems with is distance which with my MX700 series is limited to ... Read More »

Do Bluetooth computer keyboards work on a PS3?

A Bluetooth-enabled computer keyboard will work with your Sony PlayStation 3 console. Sony cannot guarantee the PlayStation 3's compatibility with all Bluetooth keyboards and suggests getting in to... Read More »

What headphones work with Casio keyboards?