How do pests affect the yield of crops?

Answer Since pests can be insects, mice and other animals, unwanted plants (weeds), fungi, or microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, they can conceiveably totally destroy an entire crop if left untouch... Read More »

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Do weeds affect the plant crops?

they compete with the crop plants for sunlight, water, room and nutrients in the soil

How do pests affect productivity?

How to Dust Crops?

While the words "crop dusting" may evoke an image of Cary Grant being pursued by an assassin alternately shooting him and spraying him with pesticide, the skill of aerial application combines train... Read More »

What are Spains crops?

Spain grows grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, and citrus in that order.See the related link for a more complete list of agricultural crops in Spain.