How do percussion instruments make sound?

Answer Percussive instruments such as drums, cymbals and bells are an important element of many musical cultures. They are typically used to emphasize and develop rhythm, although some percussion instrume... Read More »

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How is sound produced in percussion instruments?

Percussion instruments are classified academically into two groups. There are idiophones, instruments which produce sound when shaken, struck or plucked. There are also membranophones, which are in... Read More »

How to Make Percussion Instruments for Kids?

Using percussion instruments is sheer fun for most kids. While they’re pounding and banging, they’re also developing a sense of rhythm and relieving built-up energy to boot. Making percussion i... Read More »

Percussion Instruments for Preschoolers to Make?

Children are born percussionists. They love to clap their hands, stamp their feet and make noise. Fortunately, percussion instruments are easy for preschoolers to make. Just a few instruments can t... Read More »

Do percussion instruments make a definite pitch?

Some percussion instruments make a definite pitch while others do not. Definite pitch instruments include the timpani, marimba, bells and more. Snare drums and crash cymbals are examples of percuss... Read More »