How do people who are born deaf as in not hearing learn sign language?

Answer I'm not deaf, but I work at a school in Mexico teaching sign language. Most of my students were born deaf, or lost their hearing at a very young age. The way we teach them here is by starting with ... Read More »

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How to Learn Sign Language for the Deaf?

American Sign Language is not simply a matter of gesturing with your hands; it also involves body language and facial expressions. If you have a deaf friend, family member or peer, it will be benef... Read More »

At what age do deaf children learn sign language?

Deaf children should start to learn sign language as early as possible to maximize language acquisition. However, many deaf children don't start learning sign language until they're toddlers or old... Read More »

How to Understand Deaf and Hard of Hearing People?

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people are often misunderstood. There are many things misunderstood about deafness and being hard-of-hearing. Here is how to understand them.

Why are people born deaf?

Congenital deafness is a term used to describe the condition of infants born without the ability to hear. Potential causes for this condition include both genetic factors and non-genetic factors su... Read More »