How do people use the ipad2?

Answer Yes, an iPhone and iPod cable will also work. The AC power adapter is different with the iPad, but the cable is the same.

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Will anything happen the people you have winter board on ipad2 and the people update to ios 5?

Yes my Canon MX860 works great printing out emails and other docs, even after the upgrade to iOS5 (where I did have some app install probs). I got referred to "Print n Share Pro" Saved me buying a... Read More »

How many people have an iPad2?

No, but Pages is on the App Store and those files can be converted into Word files.

How did the people respond to the IPad2 when it first came out?

People bought so many of them that even Apple was having a hard time cathing up.Hpe this helps

How is ipad2 helpful to people?