How to Play Swords?

Answer Swords is a game you play with only 2 people playing 1 vs. 1 with their hands together, thumbs locked around each other, and pointing they're index finger towards each other. First one to hit the o... Read More »

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How to Buy Japanese Swords?

Japanese swords are great works of art which are sought-after collectibles. The traditional swords are individually made, each blade is different. Sword-smiths typically signed their swords, but th... Read More »

Do swords run out of ammo?

No, swords are weapons that don't run out of ammo like guns. Guns run out of ammo, not swords. Swords have infinite ammo. Their infinite ammo is their blade, not bullets. Guns run out of ammo and h... Read More »

Homemade Swords?

A sword is a necessary component when impersonating the likes of Captain Hook, King Arthur Jack Sparrow and a range of other memorable imaginary characters. However, purchasing a real sword is expe... Read More »

Swords in the English Civil War?

The English Civil War pitted King Charles I and his followers against the Parliamentarians. August 22, 1642 is recognized as the official beginning of the war: the date on which Charles I raised hi... Read More »