How do people stand eating spicy foods?

Answer I always like it hot. My eyes may water, I may sweat, I may even not want to talk, and if it's insanely hot, I might go for a drink, but ever since I was about two years old I would eat spicy thin... Read More »

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Why do we get heartburn after eating hot and spicy foods?

probably cos your body is not accustomed to richly spiced food and has a reaction to it.Those of us who eat this on a regualr basis have no problem.Dont be alarmed but persistent heartburn can be l... Read More »

What hormone is stimulated by eating spicy foods?

Simple question. What are your 3 favorite Spicy Foods If you don't like spicy foods what are your 3 ->?

Spicy Foods:Wasabi - For sushiChipotle MayoSpicy Thai Peanut SauceCheese:Pepper JackParmesan Fontina

Why does eating spicy things like hot sauce make people go to the bathroom?

It doesn't make ME go to the bathroom. That doesn't mean it doesn't give me buttfireitis, though.