How do people shape the reality they experience?

Answer Just chill out! talk to your parents and tell them how you feel. If they dont listen tell somebody else in your family ot one of your friends you trust.

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Has anyone had a bad experience meeting people they have met on line?

I haven't, however one of the Marines that worked for me showed up one day after a long weekend and was shaken to the bone. (this was back in the mid 90's, so it wasn't that big of a deal at the ti... Read More »

What happens to people without eye during REM sleep Do they not experience it?

Wow, great question! I have no idea, now you made me wonder about that!

Why is the sound cut on reality TV when they talk about people outside the show 'who's privacy needs to be respected'?

Do ;you think some people really look good with no hair..if they have a great shape head..?

:) heehee thanks awwwwwww :plmao at Dawna!