How do people make Televisions?

Answer Most of the process is automated, carried out by robots and other factory equipment. People operate this equipment and visually inspect the televisions for quality.Last 32" CRT televisions from LG... Read More »

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Is it true that people are going to be force to use digital tvs instead or regular televisions?

(You should really include what country you are in when you ask questions like this. The answers are slightly different depending on where you are!)No it isn't true. You don't need to buy a digital... Read More »

Why do televisions make that popping sound?

It is a form of digital interference (it sounds like 2 metal objects being whacked together). I will guess that the picture will freeze for a second as well , or you might even get a blue screen to... Read More »

Does Hewlett Packard make televisions?

Yes, Hewlett Packard makes televisions. While the company is most recognized for its desktop computers, notebooks and printers, Hewlett Packard manufactures a variety of televisions, including plas... Read More »

What is more efficient, CRT televisions or LCD televisions?

LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions that use LED (Light-emitting diode) rather than fluorescent (CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights are more efficient than old CRT (cathode ray ... Read More »