How do people hunt in the African rainforest?

Answer According to Monga Bay, the African rainforest is home to a number of groups of people who survive by hunting and gathering food. Tribal people in the African rainforest make up between 130,000 and... Read More »

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Do Pythons Live in the African Rainforest?

Pythons are nonpoisonous snakes of the family Pythonidae found in the rain forests of Africa, Asia and Australia. Healthy adult pythons are large and strong snakes that kill their prey by constrict... Read More »

What do people of the rainforest eat?

The largest tropical rainforest in the world is the Amazon Jungle in South America, followed by the African Rainforest. Rainforests contain the greatest varieties and concentrations of biodiversity... Read More »

Why Do People Want to Save the Rainforest?

Tropical rainforests are home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on land. Rainforests are also essential to humankind as they yield many important materials such as rubber, which origi... Read More »

Rainforest Effects on the People in the World?

The world's rainforests sustain life not only in the forests, but throughout the entire planet. And rainforests are not made of trees alone, but the entire community of plants, animals and other or... Read More »