How do people hack into other peoples' myspaces?

Answer sounds like you want to hack into someones myspace.

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Are people hacking peoples iphone 4's?

no, as long as your iphone is on the latest software version it is secure.

Why do people deliberately give virus' to peoples computers?

Same reason as people kick in doors, break windows and steal.Messed up folks who like to mess up other lives.

Why do people invent viruses/worms etc and infect other peoples computers What's the point?

nerds with time who want to feel special because they are sad loosers

Um are roof people meant to just come to peoples houses and do stuff without permission!!!!! im scared D:?

don't worry do what you were going to do its the gov. your getting a new roof obama will pay for it someone called them they had your address once its on their not going to take it off, your mom mu... Read More »