How do people hack into other peoples' myspaces?

Answer sounds like you want to hack into someones myspace.

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Why do people invent viruses/worms etc and infect other peoples computers What's the point?

nerds with time who want to feel special because they are sad loosers

Can people hack into webcams and see you while the camera is in use if so how can you prevent it?

Yes they can, although it requires the delivery of a Trojan horse. The payload on the Trojan horse has to be something that allows a remote user to take control of your system. This isn't as hard ... Read More »

Did Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap ever see what the person he leaped into actually look like in the episode he was the insane guy where he kept thinking he was other people he already had leaped into?

Nope- just the people he thought he was who were ones he had leaped into in earlier episodes.

I need help with photohop. How do I add other people into the picture?

No offense but it sounds like you're a beginner. The easy way for beginners who doesn't know Photoshop well is to use the lasso tool to draw or outline the part you want to copy. Go to Edit --> Cop... Read More »