How do people get paid for putting their videos in youtube ?

Answer You cant.Sum videos takes u to their money site. And through the amount of visitors they get a certain amount of money.Theres alot of site u can add to earn money, like Adsense, Gogle Site itself a... Read More »

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Do people get paid for their youtube videos?

if you have enough subscribers/views, youtube makes you a "partner". if you're a partner, you get paid for views and subscribers. that on top of merchfor example, i know a famous user, kevjumba set... Read More »

How can people get away with putting bad/dirty videos on youtube?

I agree with you, theirs some sick shiznit out there, just don't watch it and stay away from it, also keep your kids away from that stuff.

How much do people usually get paid for videos they post on YouTube?

I agree, its usually about $1/1000-5000 views. Its so hard and such a complicated Process to become a partner with Youtube. If you are making quality videos, definitely post them on Youtube and TRY... Read More »

How do people on youtube edit their videos?

they go out and buy some video editing software. personally, i have vegas movie studio 8.0 to edit my videos. there's a lot of features you can use with video editing software, including inserting ... Read More »