How do people get children?

Answer They have a special cuddle which makes babies.----------------------------------------------------------------------Jeddings123: I'm expecting that last one was a joke.People either have sexual int... Read More »

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How many children and young people did BBC children in need in 2009?

Why do people abuse children?

This requires a complex answer that many people belive they have the answer to, but few, if any, fully understand sufficently to answer. People may act abusively to their children for many reasons... Read More »

Why do people beat their children?

Because some parents think it's a form of punishment when it is just cruel and only traumatises children.

How do people abuse their children?

Unfortunately, many ways, it can be verbal or physically. Adults that harm children are not programmed or wired correctly. Believe me, this is not an excuse. I believe people know right from wrong ... Read More »