How do people get addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Answer Drug addictions develop as a result of a number of physical, mental and social factors; individuals from all socioeconomic classes, races and religions become addicted to drugs.GeneticsPeople with ... Read More »

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Why do people get addicted to alcohol?

Alcoholism is a disease that can be brought on by a number of personal, societal, or genetic reasons. Although some people are more susceptible to developing alcohol dependence than others, anyone ... Read More »

Why & How Do Drugs & Alcohol Affect Younger People?

The abuse of abusing substances and alcohol can affect the life of any person but, according to the Center on Addiction & the Family, can affect the life of a younger person in ways that are diffic... Read More »

What kinds of circumstances causes people to turn to alcohol and drugs?

Answer Many times it can be just genetics.Here are some reasons:DepressionBrought up in an unhealthy environment by their parentsNeglect by parents or sexual abuse by a parentRapeBullying in school... Read More »

My friend is getting addicted to drugs?

I had the exact same problem with a friend I loved so much, except with weed and she was also very dpressed.I noticed that even delicately and subtly trying to push her back on tracks and encourage... Read More »