How do people feel when they are abusing?

Answer those ugly people feel wasteful, they feel they have the power, when really they dont because they only show there weakness when they abuse.

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Should there be tougher sentences for people who are guilty of abusing a child?

Answer Absolutely. What the problem is in todays world no matter what the offense is that they have no fear. Big deal you committ a crime and you go to jail for 1/4 of the time that you get senten... Read More »

What can a minor do if their mother lies to authorities about mentally abusing her child and people believe her?

Just a thought Usually talking to a school counselor or psychologist or someone who doesn't know the mother would seem like the best route. These people should be more objective and able to make a ... Read More »

How do people feel about other people sagging their pants?

It looks absolutely ridiculous! Why wear pants at all ?! In my opinion it looks like apparently that person can't afford a damn belt or obviously doesn't know the pant size they need to ... Read More »

Does ANYBODY feel sorry for fat people?

Perhaps if there was less social and media pressure on people to be so 'perfect', the world might be a happier place.That kind of pressure can create a need to comfort eat, making the problem worse... Read More »