How do people feel when being abused?

Answer Terrible like you constantly are doing something wrong and never do something right. You live your life in fear woundering if you can ever be free of this. You even occacionally want to die because... Read More »

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How do children feel when being abused?

disgusted, manic depressive, sometimes later in life it can drive them insane. Its cruel and it should never be done. children are born innocent until there 18. Anyone who molested should be put in... Read More »

How does the child feel when being abused?

Answer A child who is abused by a parent feels confused, sad, depressed and has little control in their lives and doesn't understand what they have done wrong. They seldom will play with their peer... Read More »

Why does a child being abused feel like it is their fault?

Because they feel like they are the reason all this happen because of them but it really depends on what there childhood was like.

Why do abused teens feel the need to fight the abuser ALL the time even if they're not doing anything?

Answer Anger. Often it's a response to feelings of rejection, equating the abuse with a sense of being emotionally rejected by the abuser. Anger is a common response by a depressed individual. Esp... Read More »