How do people feel about vegetarians?

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How do you feel about vegetarians?

No, you are wrong. Humans were not meant to be omnivores. Our teeth were made for plant foods, our canines not sharp enough to be a carnivore's. Our intestines are too long, we can't eat meat raw, ... Read More »

Vegetarians: How do you feel about touching meat for your non-vegetarian children?

My husband is an omnivore too, but I don't want uncooked meat in my kitchen, so if he wants meat he orders take-out.There are many vegetarian foods that omnivores enjoy-Veggie Lasagnahttp://allreci... Read More »

How do people feel about other people sagging their pants?

It looks absolutely ridiculous! Why wear pants at all ?! In my opinion it looks like apparently that person can't afford a damn belt or obviously doesn't know the pant size they need to ... Read More »

How do hairstylists feel about people coming back to complain about their cut?

I agree with Laura. As a stylist myself I make it a policy not to touch other peoples client's. I have had people complain and I do not take it personally because it comes with the territory. But I... Read More »