How do people feel about teen pregnancy?

Answer Well personally, Teen pregnancy goes both ways. It doesn't bother me if the teen has a place to raise the baby and money to take care of it, and it knows the mother AND father. But then it really m... Read More »

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What can people do about teen pregnancy?

Teach their children about responsibility.

Why do people call teen pregnancy a mistake today if teen pregnancy was common in the old days?

Answer Teen pregnancy in the "Old Days" wasn't taboo because most girls were married before they were 17 so it was common to start their family because large families were also common to help out o... Read More »

Why do people make teen pregnancy jokes about Utah?

because all the women in the world pee at the men's mouth!!:)

How teen pregnancy affects people?

Teen pregnancy affects everyone you know. Your friends will either support or call you names for getting pregnant. You won't be able to hang out with them and you'll end up growing apart. It affect... Read More »