How do people dress in South Africa?

Answer Despite the impression many have, South Africans do not spend their days in animal hides with spears and shields made of zebra skins. Today's South African lives in Africa's biggest and the 27th la... Read More »

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What are people of Dutch ancestry in South Africa called?

People of European ancestry in South Africa are referred to as Afrikaners. A specific term for the Dutch in South Africa is Boer, meaning "farmer" in the Dutch language. Citizens of all races in So... Read More »

Switzerland Vs. South Africa?

Go to the website for South African embassy in Switzerland. Besides having information for tourists, it also talk about the similarities and differences.

Is Ghana in South Africa?

The Republic of Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, is a country in west Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea, part of the Atlantic Ocean. South Africa is a separate country on the southern ti... Read More »

How to Get Itunes in South Africa?

Ever wondered how to buy itunes songs in SA? here's how...