Which came first: gel pens or ballpoint pens?

Answer Ballpoint pens came before gel pens. A primitive version of the ballpoint pen was created in 1888 by John Loud, an American tanner, but it did not receive commercial attention. In the 1940s, Josef ... Read More »

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Why do car batteries explode?

Car batteries have sealed chambers that contain volatile chemicals. Under certain conditions, these chemicals can leak gas and bring about a dangerous explosion.Gas EmissionThe sealed chambers insi... Read More »

How to Make Wax Explode?

Have you ever wanted to do something amazing? Like perhaps make wax appear like it's exploding? Well now you can!

How to Make a Pen Explode?

You are sitting down and there is nothing to do. What are your options? Homework, lame. Chores, lame. Sassing your siblings? Its fun, but it could get you in some trouble. How about EXPLODING A PEN!!!

Why did my apples explode?

Steam pressure!Try poking a few small holes in the apple skin to allow the steam to escape!