How do pecan trees pollinate?

Answer Pecan trees have both male and female flowers and can self-pollinate via shedding directly onto the female or being carried by the wind. The male flowers are catkin-like, and the female flowers are... Read More »

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Do bees pollinate pecan trees?

No. Pecan trees develop both male and female flowers. In some varieties of pecan trees, male flowers develop first while in other varieties female nutlets develop first. To prevent self-fertilizati... Read More »

Does a mahan pecan tree self-pollinate?

Mahan pecan trees can self pollinate, however, growers consider it undesirable as it affects nut quality. According to Willis Orchards, three different varieties planted together will increase poll... Read More »

Will Crabapple Trees Pollinate Other Fruit Trees?

A member of the genus Malus and a close relative of the apple, the crabapple is often used as an ornamental landscape tree. Although not useful for pollinating nonapple species such as peaches or p... Read More »

How to Pollinate Orange Trees?

Pollination is an important and necessary process to fruit tree production. Many fruit trees are self-pollinating and need nothing more than the wind or bees to pollinate them, while others need a ... Read More »