How do painkillers work?

Answer Aspirin isn't a painkiller. Most of its benefits come from its anti-inflammatory properties (although it is a very mild analgesic). In this case it is actually stopping the cause of the pain, like ... Read More »

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How long till painkillers work?

It depends on the source of the pain and the kind of painkiller you are taking. Also, it depends on your habits of taking painkillers (often, regularly, seldom). Some painkillers over the counter (... Read More »

Why are doctors so reluctant to give out Opiate type painkillers when they only type that work on real pain?

you need to visit a pain clinic that specializes in pain medsand to answer your question, regular docs are hounded by the state for "" over prescribing "" .....pain meds! that's why you need to go ... Read More »

Can I take painkillers if I'm drunk?

As a general rule I wouldn't go with the guy who said 'YOLO.' Just wait a decade or so and everyone who's been saying 'YOLO' will have been killed of by massive strokes or something.Anyway, it real... Read More »

What is used as painkillers?

The UK still uses Diamorphine, aka Heroin, which probably shocks many people. It is effective.In the US, Dihydromorphone (Dilaudid) is comparable, even preferable, to some people.