How do overhead projectors function?

Answer An overhead projector is a device that uses transparent sheets of acetate through which light passes and is then magnified via lenses and projected onto a flat surface.Base MechanismThe base of an ... Read More »

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Overhead Projectors for Teachers?

One of the primary tools in any educator's arsenal is the overhead projector. Overhead projectors provide a "visual" for all of the visual learners in any classroom and facilitate instruction by al... Read More »

The Drawbacks of Overhead Projectors?

The overhead projector is an inexpensive, easy-to-use piece of presentation equipment that has its place in some classroom and business settings. Newer technology, however, especially LCD projector... Read More »

How do overhead projectors work?

Overhead projectors work through mirrors and lenses that are built into the unit. Most overhead projectors are made up of a large rectangular box with a large lens on top and a lamp inside. A mirro... Read More »

Who makes Dukane Overhead Projectors?

Dukane Overhead Projectors are manufatured on site at the Dukane Cooperation's headquarters located in St. Charles, Illinois on 2900 Dukane Drive. The company also produces various audio/visual pro... Read More »