How do our parents helps you develop your tasks properly?

Answer A pregnant woman must avoid alcohol because if she drinks alcohol the chemicals in it will go to the unborn baby and there is a high percentage that baby will either die or be physically mental.

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How do your parents help you develop your task?

By giving them an advice, and teaching them the right kind of dicipline

How to Develop a Better Relationship With Your Parents?

If you currently have a negative relationship with your parents, but desire to improve upon it, recognize that there are ways to make that happen. Understand also, however, that the process require... Read More »

Is it true that exercising helps lower your blood sugar & helps prevent diabetes?

If you're pre-diabetic, or a non-diabetic, then exercise alone will not prevent you getting it (there are many lifestyle and genetic factors), but it's definitely a huge benefit.If you're diabetic,... Read More »

Parents: How do I properly prepare us to go to Wal-Mart?

LMFAO! I ♥ U for the wolf shirts. I see they'll be there to help you out to pick out a hot stud in a blue vest.