How do other nations see the US today.?

Answer That would be the President or the Secretary of State.

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Why does the US offer foreign aid to other nations?

Foreign aid is generally targeted at gaining influence in a region or dealing with a problem that may impact on the United States. For example, military aid to Israel keeps USA influential in balan... Read More »

Why does the us conducts foreign policies with other nations?

In a word (or three), money and supplies: The Allies were bolstered by the goods received by way of ship convoy, as well as money. Personnel, warplanes, tanks, warships, and ammunition literally po... Read More »

Why do FBI agents change their numbers frequently when talking to people in other nations?

No. It was time traveling extremists from the future.JFK would have become stronger than you could ever imagine.It had to be done.

What are the tools used by the US to influence other nations in order to carry out foreign policy?