How do older people get paid by going to college?

Answer I'm from Scotland and we are the only country in Europe where people get paid to study because education is valued so much the government actually pays us to go to college, but it's an investment t... Read More »

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Which college is older: LSU or Clemson?

Louisiana State University is older than Clemson University. LSU was founded as Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Military Academy in 1853. Clemson first opened as Clemson College, an all-ma... Read More »

Scholarships for Older Students Returning to College?

When adults return to college, they often are in the middle of a career change or looking to bounce back from a bout of unemployment. Older students may have families to support, and often attend s... Read More »

How to Return to College if You Are a Non Traditional, Older Student?

Are you a baby boomer (born between 1946-1965) and considering returning to college to complete a degree, to enhance your marketability in a changing workforce, or do you simply want to expand your... Read More »

Scholarships for Older Students to Attend College?

Scholarships are a way to receive funding to assist with the costs of higher education. There are many scholarships available to meet the needs of almost any student, including the older population... Read More »