The Marker Lights Won't Work on My Neon?

Answer Several reasons are possible for the marker lights malfunctioning on your Dodge Neon. The three most common reasons for any faulty exterior light on your Neon are burnt-out bulbs, broken fuses, or ... Read More »

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How to Put Neon Lights on a Car?

Neon is one of the elements in the periodic table of elements. It is a gas that can be trapped in glass to create eerie, futuristic glowing light effects. Many people wish to make the interiors of ... Read More »

When were neon lights first made?

Neon lights were first developed in 1900. Neon gas was sealed in a tube and electrical current was applied to it, making the lamp glow. Georges Claude, a French engineer, first developed neon signs... Read More »

Where and when did neon lights originate?

The concept of neon was first noticed in 1695 by the French astronomer Jean Picard. In 1898 the element neon (NE) was discovered by Sir William Ramsey in London. In 1910 the French engineer George ... Read More »

How to Connect Neon Lights in a Car?

Having neon lights on a car is not always accepted by the authorities. Therefore, before purchasing them and connecting them to your car find out what the rules are in your city and state. Warning:... Read More »