How do neatly replace rubbed off letters on my computer keyboard?

Answer You can buy stickon letters to replace the rub offed ones.

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How were the letters on the computer keyboard placed?

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow down typist.The QWERTY keyboard layout was devised and created in the 1860s by the creator of the first modern typewriter, Christopher Sholes, a newspaper e... Read More »

Why is a computer keyboard's letters scrambled?

QWERTY - The common letters are near the home row for easy access. The original intent was used on typewriters to speed up typing by preventing common pairs of typebars from striking the platen at ... Read More »

Why computer keyboard letters are not in usual a b c d way?

Not only in comp.key board, but also in Typing too. When designing key boards for type writer, that scientist on deep thinking, decided to place the frequently used letters,very easily accessible t... Read More »

Why are the letters on the computer keyboard not in alphabetical order?

Found this on QWERTY keyboard layout was designed so that successive keystrokes would alternate sides of the keyboard so as to avoid jams in manual typewriters. Is frequently said... Read More »