How do musical instruments create sound?

Answer Sound is a vibration in the air of a particular frequency that is detected via the sense of hearing. Different instruments use different methods to generate these vibrations.BrassThe vibrations fro... Read More »

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Does Cricut have a cartridge for musical notes&musical instruments?

Cricut's Quarter Note cartridge is specifically music themed. The cartridge contains many images of musical notes as well as a wide variety of different instruments, words, phrases and fonts relati... Read More »

Irish Musical Instruments?

Irish musical instruments play exciting, upbeat music that causes many to tap their feet with the beat and jump up and dance. Some of the instruments used for Irish or Celtic music are familiar, wh... Read More »

Mexican Musical Instruments?

Mexican music is a blend of many cultures and has borrowed styles and instruments from all over the world. The native Mexican cultures, the Spanish culture and the American culture all have their s... Read More »

Brazilian Musical Instruments?

Brazil, the largest country in South America, has a rich cultural history. The combination of native culture with the conquering Portuguese society created a unique niche of Brazilian music and Bra... Read More »