How do mums off down syndrome kids feel?

Answer Type your answer here... alone and afraid

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Can family history of kids with down syndrome increase the risk to have a kid with down syndrome?

yes. if that is true, then that means that down syndrome is genetic in your family. try researching it up. look it up on google. i highly reccomend wikepedia. the more you know, the more able you... Read More »

How do mothers of a Down syndrome kid feel?

As with any child, there will be both sadness and joy. Initially sadness because the mother worries that her child will never be able to lead a "normal" life. Joy, because Down's Syndrome people te... Read More »

How do people with Down syndrome feel?

they feel just like a normal human being.

Are Down syndrome kids stupid?

No, not at all. They can't do everything that other kids do, although they can sometimes do it even better.