How do movies get that professional look displayed on screen?

Answer There are many factors that go into getting that "professional look". Planning the shots, framing, lighting, eidting, and in some cases use of 24p rather than consumer camcorders' 60i/30fps.A skill... Read More »

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What determines the amount of information displayed on a monitor screen?

Information is displayed in tiny dots called "pixels." The number of pixels per square inch is called "resolution." The higher the resolution, the more densely packed the pixels and the smaller the... Read More »

How to Watch Movies Like a Professional?

People go to watch movies for entertainment, but then they are so easy to criticize a movie without really 'watching' it. Watching a movie like a professional is one of the ways to truly understand... Read More »

How do I print the screen in Microsoft XP Professional?

Snap a Screen ShotPress the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. It may be labeled "Print Screen," "PrtScrn" or something similar. This copies an image of your screen. Open Microsoft Paint, whic... Read More »

Do wide screen movies fit wide screen tvs perfectly with no black bars?

ASPECT RATIO:…The ratio of the HEIGHT and WIDTH of your TV are likely NOT EQUALto the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the MOVIE.Therefore there's no way to display the... Read More »