How do motorcycle baffles work?

Answer The term "baffle" means to puzzle, defy or thwart. In terms of sound, a motorcycle baffle beats the loud noise made by the expulsion of explosive exhaust gases. Baffles are sound-reducing devices.L... Read More »

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How to Make Motorcycle Baffles?

Motorcycle exhaust systems function relatively the same as a car's. The exhaust pipe exits the combustion chamber, carries the exhaust gas through a muffler, then expels the gas into the atmosphere... Read More »

Homemade Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles?

Motorcycle exhaust systems are of similar concept to those of a vehicle's where the exhaust pipe carries the gas through the muffler and out into the atmosphere. However, unlike vehicles, some mot... Read More »

What Are the Baffles in a Motorcycle Muffler?

A motorcycle's exhaust muffler relies on a special device comprising a series of chambers or tubes to neutralize the roar of spent exhaust gases as they exit the motor. This device is called a baff... Read More »

How to Install Baffles in Motorcycle Pipes?

Motorcycle exhaust baffles are important for maintaining the legal status of a bike. The baffle helps to decrease the decibel level of the exhaust note, which can be quite loud. Many areas have law... Read More »