How do mothers of a Down syndrome kid feel?

Answer As with any child, there will be both sadness and joy. Initially sadness because the mother worries that her child will never be able to lead a "normal" life. Joy, because Down's Syndrome people te... Read More »

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Do any other adoptees or birth mothers feel this way?

You have every right to feel as though both sets of parents are real because they are :)IDK why people say negative things about Mothers. Jealousy probably. I feel bad for a mother that lost her ki... Read More »

Why do people feel sorry for those that can't conceive but not for "birth" mothers?

Natural mothers are preyed upon by adoption agencies, who are like vultures swooping in at the mom's most vulnerable time, and coerce the hell out of her solely for a baby. It will take natural mo... Read More »

Why do breastfeeding mothers appear to feel superior to formula feeders?

I am breastfeeding and I always make it a point to be super encouraging to mothers who bottle feed because I do not want them to think I feel superior to them.I do feel proud of myself for doing it... Read More »

Honestly mothers, lets admit, what do you feel guilty about?

I was so mad at Gina (then 3). She was going through the most annoying crabby phase, went on for what seemed like weeks. That wasn't bad enough she started wetting the bed out of no where. She wo... Read More »